The Day After Halloween…

The day after Halloween brings many teachers and childcare providers to tears.  The kids are cranky, tired, sugared, and overstimulated.  I couldn’t help but notice that the schools in our county are closed on November 1st this year.  Coincidence?  I think not, however I am open for business.  I expect the children to be cranky, tired, sugared and overstimulated.  I also expect that they need the comfort of a predicable routine and a calm atmosphere.  I intend to meet the needs of the children whether that includes lots of movement or an early nap.  Maybe the children need to pound on some clay or splash in some water.  I’ll find out tomorrow, but one thing is for sure, it will be a nice, regular, routine, and consistent day.  The children need it after all the excitement of the holiday.

Let me know how you handle the day after Halloween…do you hide?  eat lots of candy?  or if you’re a teacher, do you take a sick day?


And this is my adorable but cranky, tired, sugared and overstimulated child… Can anyone tell me what he was for Halloween?


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  1. Hi Jen, for the high school level it is pretty much business as usual…they are always tired, cranky and sugared up! Don’t get me wrong not all of them but a fair share…we have school today but then we get the week of Thanksgiving off so I can handle that…see you soon.


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