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The Honu and Kiyaya Book Series

Stories that nurture the hearts and minds of young children, and that strengthen the spirit of the adults who love them.

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Honu Meets Kiyaya: Honu Meets Kiyaya is an uplifting story about an unlikely friendship between a sea turtle and wolf. The characters learn about each other, and in doing so, forge a special bond. With lush illustrations and wonderful characters, Honu and Kiyaya is a beautiful story that young children will love to hear, and their caregivers will appreciate the thoughtful conversations that will be sparked by the timeless story.

Honu Helps Kiyaya: In Honu Helps Kiyaya, we follow Honu the sea turtle as she works to help her friend Kiyaya the wolf who is not feeling like himself. Both characters listen to their inner voices to find what they need- for Honu to find the strength to support her friend, and Kiyaya to be reflective about what he needs to help him when he is feeling overwhelmed. Honu Helps Kiyaya is a much-needed story that encourages children to trust their “inner voice” and helps to cultivate empathy for others by being present and a compassionate listener. The story helps facilitate important conversations and gives voice to the complicated experiences of children. In addition to being a lovely story, it is also an invaluable resource for families, care-givers, teachers, and guidance counselors.

Honu and Kiyaya Play a Game: This third book in the Honu and Kiyaya series finds the friends enjoying a thoughtful scavenger hunt at day’s end. Children will enjoy playing “seek and find” with the book’s stunning images, and caregivers will find value in the thought-provoking “Rules for Life” that accompany each treasure. As with all of the books in the series, the story invites the reader to enjoy the fun story, vibrant illustrations, and to use the book’s message as a way to engage in thoughtful and meaningful conversations between child and caregiver.

Honu and Kiyaya Grieve: Honu and Kiyaya Grieve is a powerful story of friendship and empathy. When Honu the Sea Turtle experiences the loss of her eggs, she confides in her trusted friend Kiyaya the Wolf. Kiyaya shares his own experience with loss and the ways that focusing on “routine, remember, and move” helped his pack work through their sadness. This story is beautiful in how it talks about grief and loss in ways that are accessible and relatable to children. Caregivers can use the story as an access point through which to talk about feelings and loss with children, and it provides a helpful framework for helping children begin to explore the complex feelings around grief in a way that universalizes the experience and comforts readers both young and old.

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An Alphabet Book of Dogs: An Alphabet Book of Dogs is a complete collection of colorful canine characters — from A to Z! Can you find all 26 names hidden in the illustrations?

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