Jennifer Cyr Family Child Care Program

Jennifer Cyr Family Child Care

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Infants to age 5
CPR and First Aid Certified
Over 20 years of experience
State Registered
5 STAR Provider
References Available

Published Children’s Book Author

Vermont Early Childhood Network Leader

Providing high quality care and education Monday through Thursday, 8-5 year round.

Please feel free to search topics like toilet learning, pacifiers, and siblings here on my site for tips I’ve learned over the years!


2 responses to “Jennifer Cyr Family Child Care Program

  1. Robert Crawford

    Nice to see you are doing so well. I saw something in you years ago. Not many students tell me how I affected their lives.
    Your books are wonderful. My wife loves them and I am sure our two granddaughters will love them.

    I am not on Facebook.


    • I’m sorry you had to wait 30 years to hear it: THANK YOU! At a time when I felt like no one saw me, really saw me, you did. You’re one of the reasons I work with young children…to make sure they feel seen and heard, valued, early on to build resilience. I don’t know what you saw, but I’m so grateful that you did and that you took me under your wing. Feel free to contact me via email-it’s on the card stapled to the book bag. And again-THANK YOU!


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