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Sick Days

Today I took a sick day, and it was just what I needed. There have been coughs and sniffles all around me, and though I’ve developed a slight case of the sniffles, I’ve been in denial. I’ve been feeling run down and tired, unfocused and scattered. So when I woke up this morning running late again, I decided to give in. I called the program parents and told them (get ready for this) the truth. They were wonderful and supportive.

I took not one, but two naps, enjoyed some warm tea, and stayed in my pjs till after my son got off the bus, yes, the bus. I used to feel guilt at the thought of a sick day, so many things I should be doing! I’ve discovered the secret to taking care of those things and all of the people in my life: taking care of me. Women and mommies in general tend to invest so much time and energy into others, and while admirable, we also ignore our own needs. Taking time for yourself will help you to be a better parent, teacher, neighbor, daughter, sister…you get the idea. Anyway, I had a guilt free and restful day. How do you take care of yourself?




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There are days when it feels like all I do is change poopy diapers. But did you know that you can discern a lot about a child by their elimination habits. Temperament tends to coincide with bowel movements. For example, a slow-to-warm-up or fearful young child may be irregular or infrequent with elimination. These children also tend to hold their waste in stressful situations or transitions. Children with an easy-going or flexible temperament will be more regular and predictable in their bowel movements.

Of course, this is not a hard and fast rule, but it sure seems to be the case for many of the children I’ve worked with over the years. (And some adults too!)


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Who am I?

Though this is my first blog post, I’m no stranger to sharing my opinion. I am an early educator who has worked with young children, children of many ages, since I was a teenager. I was a camp counselor, a nanny, a baby sitter, an after-school staff, a pre-school teacher, and now a family child care provider in my home. And of course, I’m a mom. That is my biggest role, and it’s one of the reasons I decided to leave my job at a center. My child is learning so much from my program. I love that he is bonding with the kids, but I also love being available when he needs me. I also think it’s important that he see me as more than just his mom. 

Over the years, I’ve learned so much, and cultivated values and ideas that I hope to share with all of you.



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