What’s the primary purpose of kindergarten?

It lays the foundation for learning for the rest of a child’s life.

Building social connections, between both children and the adults who raise them, is critical for future resilience.

A sense of belonging develops, fortifying a sense of self worth and value. When a child feels like a valued member of a community, it fosters a sense of ownership and pride.

Opportunities to find their passions are offered…performances, guest speakers, field trips! They are part of the teaching tools used to reach a variety of learners and reach even the most introverted child.

Kindergarten offers a place for young children to develop crucial social skills like self-awareness, self-regulation, relationship development and problem-solving.

BOTTOM LINE: kindergarten isn’t about abc’s and 123’s. It’s about the child and their ultimate potential.

Children need to be included.

Children need to feel safe and valued.

Children need to have an opportunity to belong.


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