Just a day at the beach…at least I think so

It used to be that we’d pack a cooler and grab some towels and go to the beach. Now when I see families going to the beach, I see inner tubes and floaties and water guns and noodles. Not just toys for the beach, but I also see parents ENTERTAINING their kids.

I’m not talking about parents enjoying quality time with their children, I mean actually making sure they are entertained and catered to, because there is a huge difference.

When I was a kid, sticks and sand and maybe a plastic cup were enough to keep us busy. We would play with our siblings and whatever kids came along. It was no nonsense, no fighting over who gets to ride the dolphin or who is stuck with the tire float.

So parents of young children: keep it simple. For your sake and theirs. They will learn to get along with others better, be more creative and imaginative, and you’ll be able to connect with other adults and your children without feeling pressure to break up spats or entertain them.


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