Always on Duty

There are so many occupations where you feel like you’re always working. Childcare providers are this way, we always have to be “on”. Whether we are at the grocery store or the playground or buying a car, I could be spied by a family for which I provide care.

This used to bother me and make me feel self- conscious about every decision I made. But guess what? It also made me a better care provider. No, I’m not perfect, and I’m not always right, and I make mistakes. Often. But whenever I’m out and about, I think about my actions more. It’s made me a better mom too. Children learn from us, they emulate everything we do.

So yes, I always do my job and try to conduct my life as if someone is watching me. And I feel good about that. And yes, I own my mistakes, and try to accept responsibility for them. That’s what I expect from the children in my care as well as my own child.



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