You learn something new everyday…

So…I’ve been living in Middlebury for over 20 years and hadn’t really had any knowledge of this company, known as Mr. Mike’s Cleaning Service. But when I wanted to hire folks to clean my childcare program a couple years ago, I ended up calling on them after noticing the primary owners property on my evening walks, and its impeccable neatness.

The manager, now part owner came and met with me, talked about needs and expectations. Two young men (one of whom was the manager) dressed professionally in uniforms came to clean my program, and I later figured out they were the sons of the owner. That right there was impressive to me…for them to be scrubbing my floors and cleaning my toilets when, as managers, they could’ve assigned someone else to do it, was really something. Both of these young men are now part owners, but still work as hard as the first day. And over the past couple years, I’ve begun to notice the white vehicles with the yellow and black writing on the side all over the county. I’ve come to find out that they work tirelessly, day and night, weekends and some holidays, in 90 degree heat waves and freezing rain and snow, doing all kinds of jobs from buffing floors to cleaning up homes where a death has occurred. The two young men that first came to my program not only work professionally, they work diligently and spend more than 50 hours each week throughout the year, working to make sure all jobs are done to the best of their ability. They are courteous, respectful and easy going, and they are a vital part of our community. And while I do not have first hand knowledge of the other employees, I’ve seen the care that is taken to account for consistent and reliable service.

Anyway, I feel like people in the community just don’t know about these folks who are dependable, consistent and professional. They work very hard to make our police stations, theaters, and restaurants clean. They are an extraordinary company and they are invisible in the day to day workings of our town.

For more information, click here

Next time you’re out and about, especially at night and on the weekend, and you see these guys and their co-workers, take a minute to notice them. They contribute greatly to the community, and deserve to be seen for the integral part they play in our town.


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